Thursday, March 8, 2007

Being who you are - II

What a good thing if being who you are gets what you want. But it's not that way. You be what's expected to get what you want. No?

Don't you wear the best you've got at an interview? Don't you hide your flaws and magnify your assets no matter who you are dealing with? Even with your closest friend. Even if you have sworn openness and honesty. Because you are scared of losing that friendship. Same goes for any kind of relationship. Maybe you don't have to change yourself (for some people) to acquire what you want. But to keep what you have acquired, you certainly change.

Everyone works for a living. At your workplace being your true self feels foolish. 'Cause your survival depends on having a job. Maybe people like your true self. Maybe they don't. Maybe sometimes. But certainly not always. Maybe one person, but certainly not everyone. Maybe most people are powerless to change you, but certainly some are or could find a way to.

If you don't have to work for a living, you still depend on people to meet your survival needs: the grocer, the electricity and water authorities, the cable guy, the telephone guy, the computer technician. If they don't like you for who you are... And certainly no one will like you for who you are all the time. Then you have threats to your survival and happiness. So most of us end up living as people that others like us to be. Not as ourselves.

But if survival is guaranteed from life to death as I have explained in my book, Message of the Perfect World, then we can all be who we are without fearing anyone. It's the end of fear too.

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