Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hana Nada

There was a girl named Hana Nada
With whom I was in love
There was a day when I was in heaven
The day I saw her

Love was it or was it pain
Killing me and saving me again
Life's always a monotony
The beauty who erased the pain

Longing for her ever so much
Pangs of hunger, hunger for love
In which I dwell, I dwell content
Asking for nothing but the right to love

And there she gilded before my eyes
My senses heightened, what a surprise
Could this be real, yes it was
Pinch me I said, but I knew it was

Oh the quiet, oh the silence
Magnifies and envelopes me
In the beauty of your presence
What more could one want

So I thought, so I dreamt
With what was before me
The missing pieces I could conjure
Never to be, never to stop haunting me

My soul was bought, my life empty
My longings longer, to no end torturing me
But those days, yes they were worth it
Memories and feelings, no, much more

Drunk and numb from love
I feel nothing no more
She made a heaven for me
In which I dwelled for free

That heaven is in my mind for years
If she were here, for real it would be
But that being too much to ask for
The old heaven I'm grateful for

No difference did it make, her rejection
Except a deeper gash of wounded love
A wound more than merely mortal
My longing for her increase

You were the one I knew it then
Magic and sorcery tell me I was right
These I've turned to for consolation
And they tell me they have none

For you are the one, you are the one
Every law of nature and underworld tells me so
My heart told me then
But now I hear it from them too

Oh why were you a passing mirage
So short a span, yet the hold unyielding
What was your purpose I wonder
Make me or break me asunder

I wouldn't mind if the answers I didn't find
But this is true, as true as true can be
How I feel for you, how much I do
One day, I wish...I wish for you


Teenage Lolita said...

I love this entry.

The feeling, its just so strong.

It was real, wasn't it?

Sanju Paison said...