Sunday, May 20, 2007


Most of us are brought up one way and live another way. Won’t it have an effect? The effect of discomfort, a sense of loss, of discontent, of never-ending pain and agony. From which we escape via addictions. We escape from that state through our pleasures and addictions. Addictions make us think that we are devoid of willpower, but that is not so. If we are devoid of willpower, it is the willpower to continue to suffer pain, to remain in a state of pain and agony. And that is stupidity, not willpower. For what reason or logic should you live the rest of your life in pain, or even a short portion of it?

Addictions will end if the PFC law is implemented. People will be able to continue to live in the same conditions that they were brought up in. They wouldn’t be subjected to mental or physical disturbance, or should I say, torture. As a result, it will be easier to remain a normal human being.

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