Sunday, May 20, 2007

Unfair Advantage

Unfair advantage is what the world is about. From work, social life, love, fame and fortune to peace, individuality, talent, communication and genius. One has, the others don’t. Some have, most won’t.

What people deserve and what they get are terribly disproportionate at times. To be given more than they deserve or to be given less than they deserve – which is the greater evil?

Throughout history we thought the former to be the greater evil. There really wasn’t a thought, it was just crowd instinct. Down with the rich! Down with the powerful! Down with the famous! If anyone had paused a moment to decide, the latter would be seen to be the greater evil. Down with poverty! Down with insignificance! Down with ignorance! Down with poverty - the source of all evil! Let me explain.

Poverty gives unfair advantage. By cutting off access to the basic necessities of life and the fruits of man’s progress. Your knowledge, talents (what good are they if they cannot be expressed?), appearance, education, communication skills and possible genius, all depend on your personal wellbeing and access to information, technology and other resources.

Sure, even if it was ensured none would be in abject poverty, unfair advantage would still exist because some have more, others have less, always, no matter what we are talking about. The world will always have unfair advantage, unless all people were clones of a single person.

What we have got to realize is that no one should be praised or appreciated. They do what they do because they were given what it takes either in their genes or from outside. What we also have to realize is that preferential treatment is always given to the people who already have an unfair advantage in some personal attribute, increasing their unfair advantage in that attribute or some other attribute, depending on the type of preferential treatment given. This is why the strong grow stronger and the weak grow weaker.

Unfair advantage in some attribute --> preferential treatment --> more unfair advantage

Strong --> Stronger Weak --> Weaker Beautiful --> More beautiful
Ugly --> Uglier Rich --> Richer Poor --> Poorer
Intelligent --> Brilliant Pampered --> Luxuriant

This is evolution. The strong replace the weak over time. The beautiful replace the ugly. The rich replace the poor… Over time.

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