Sunday, February 10, 2008

bright red object in the sky

I saw a bright red object in the sky around 8:00 pm IST (Indian time) yesterday (9/feb/2008). It was in the west direction and dipped closer and closer to the horizon but was still well above the trees and buildings. I thought it might be a spacecraft reentering and burning up since I heard reports in the news recently. I don't see any news on the net about it so I'm confused. What did I see? Don't have a camera, so, damn.

It lasted for about 10 minutes from the time I spotted it (about 7:55 pm). And then when I could no longer see it because I was next to laundry shop, from my back (East) I saw another red object speeding overhead in the direction I spotted the first. I got out of the shop and walked back home and this time I saw only the initial red spot diminished in size but still very bright. and it finally disappeared. I wondered why no one noticed it.

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Tony's Picts said...

I also saw a small red objectthis morning 11-18-08.Itwas thirty feet in the air and going very fast.I was on my way to Medina,Texas at 6 a.m.It made no sound and it was moving west to east.I wish I knew what it was.