Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The void drives me on

Air in and out
Filling me, my lungs
Leaving me, a rush
Unquenchable, I am but

Am I alive - or dead
Who cares, I mean, really?
No one. No one does.
But friends - all die, they say, all die

But none have friends
None is fortunate enough
Genuine liking
Too difficult to come by

Fill the void with Love or God
Equally duplicitous
Equally disappointing
But some, nay, many, mind not

The void drives me on
Drives me on
Till I see nor hear no more
As it very now seems so

A dream, nay, many, shattered
Many before it and many after
But it could be true just yet
Dream, gold-encrusted

Is it not injustice that
I for so long was made to wait
Insult to my humanity
Corroding to my trust?

Human goodness
Thy ghost nowhere to be seen
Love and beauty -
Punish thy impersonators!

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