Thursday, July 19, 2007


Can people who have had the things they want and/or need think of a life otherwise? Yes they can. They can be engulfed by enormous fear or they can have a sense of excitement of "what if." Time and again I see that having more allows you to express yourself more and consequently have greater self-respect and respect from other people as well.

For a while I, who I thought was among the enlightened ones, did not see why people act the way they do until I lost some of what I had and saw the corresponding change in people. I am pretty sure now that people see your talents if you are in a position above them, rather than if you were an equal.

Who you are and what others think of you are different things, but its difficult to keep them apart. We believe what the mirror tells us. In the same manner it's only logical to believe that what people tell us is true. But if we look a bit more closely, we find the mirror only gives a 'mirror image', which is inverted from left to right and the mirror image's accuracy depends on how good the mirror itself is. If it is dirty or worn out, you cannot trust what you see, but will have to look at it from different angles with a discerning eye to get a more accurate picture.

So the quality of people's opinions is dependent on the quality of the people themselves. If the people are dirty and worn-out, they ought not to be trusted. Translating it into a literal sense, it means that the kind of lives people live determine if they are dirty and/or worn-out, not the way they look, beware. And most people are brain-washed (by society) and over-worked (by society, again), which is why do not believe what people tell you.

Look at the kind of lives they lead. Are they overworked and/or living in inhuman working/living conditions? If so, they are like blotched, worn-out mirrors. Do not take them seriously.

No wonder democracy doesn't work.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


That which has been wished for
And dreamt of since aeons
Its price you say is blood and gore
Its value beyond measure

'Tis true and lasting, the pain
The suffering, forever boundless
I agree, two sides have a coin
Sans thorns there are no roses

Closing our eyes to the fact
Fact ever present, to vanish unwilling
Dust swept under the carpet
Remains dust, to change unwilling

Fact that to give is not possible
Without first receiving
Fact ignored by the very first people
Fact if unrecognized, by the very last

To be given is to give
To value, utility inferior
Pursue knowledge, not necessity, to evolve
To need, absence of need, superior