Thursday, May 15, 2008


Long time, huh?

In Bangalore - almost settled. Bought the costliest thing I ever bought - motoscooter. ---beep---My first brush with the law! A criminal! Whatever. Saw people of lesser age stranded bcoz the cops stopped them - i got out quick with all my emotional display and english which they found hard to understand but for some reason impressed them. I could have avoided the police by just taking the left - I could see them and the stranded souls from there, but I was agitated over the ---beep---and was probably thinking, "to hell with everyone." Including myself.

Yes, less than a fortnight into the job ---beep---. It is just inevitable. Asking myself, "Why, why?" isn't helping. Never did.

Still extremely glad to be in Bangalore. The best place in India, I think - definitely the best in South India.


Except for that one time. Movie-watching.

Well, after two years, you are pretty settled in your job. Any job. Till then, even movie-watching is difficult.