Saturday, May 10, 2014

One Billion Beds

A place where you can go to when life falls apart. A place where you're always welcome.

Consider a huge shed with one billion beds. Outside is another shed with one billion toilet stalls.

To get in all you have to do is register with your thumb on an electronic thumb reader which will record and recognize you next time.

3163 x 3163 = 1 billion bed matrix

92 square kilometers for each shed.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Do You Deserve A Perfect World?

Banning birth into poverty. 

It's been ten years since my original idea in 2003 which went something like, "Require financial capability for parenthood by law."

Then it became, "Basic financial capability must be a legal requirement for parenthood" around 2006.

And now it's simply, "Ban Birth Into Poverty".

All the while hoping that I would get supporters if I made it simpler. Didn't really work.

I wonder, does anybody care?

Does anyone understand that being born into poverty is the evil from which all other evils spring?

Of course you do.

You act like you don't.

Because you really don't care about anything other than yourself.

Do you deserve a perfect world?

Of course not.