Saturday, March 10, 2007

Abolish work!

The very fact that you have to work for a living means that you cannot be who you are. Do you feel like going to work every day? And do you feel like working at sharp 8:00 am and stop feeling that way at sharp 5:00 pm? Definitely not.

We cannot have true freedom unless work is abolished. If our parents had to pay for our entire existence before we were born, we wouldn't have to work. Work would be abolished. And we will have true freedom. We work if we want to. When we want to.

Instead of the drudgery and monotony that everyone today calls work. That is why I say that basic financial capability should be made a legal requirement for parenthood. So that we can gradually abolish work and use technology instead to do the work for us. And have true freedom. Read the Perfect World theory:

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Being who you are - II

What a good thing if being who you are gets what you want. But it's not that way. You be what's expected to get what you want. No?

Don't you wear the best you've got at an interview? Don't you hide your flaws and magnify your assets no matter who you are dealing with? Even with your closest friend. Even if you have sworn openness and honesty. Because you are scared of losing that friendship. Same goes for any kind of relationship. Maybe you don't have to change yourself (for some people) to acquire what you want. But to keep what you have acquired, you certainly change.

Everyone works for a living. At your workplace being your true self feels foolish. 'Cause your survival depends on having a job. Maybe people like your true self. Maybe they don't. Maybe sometimes. But certainly not always. Maybe one person, but certainly not everyone. Maybe most people are powerless to change you, but certainly some are or could find a way to.

If you don't have to work for a living, you still depend on people to meet your survival needs: the grocer, the electricity and water authorities, the cable guy, the telephone guy, the computer technician. If they don't like you for who you are... And certainly no one will like you for who you are all the time. Then you have threats to your survival and happiness. So most of us end up living as people that others like us to be. Not as ourselves.

But if survival is guaranteed from life to death as I have explained in my book, Message of the Perfect World, then we can all be who we are without fearing anyone. It's the end of fear too.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Being who you are

There's nothing wrong in being who you are. Even if you are a murderer. If you are a murderer, you should be free to murder. Just not actual people. Virtual people - computer-generated or otherwise. To ensure the freedom to be who you are, you need to be secure - meaning fulfillment of daily basic needs. Otherwise you are forced to go after food, shelter and security, instead of being free to follow your natural inclinations.

In a world where most people are not free to follow their natural inclinations because they are preoccupied with acquiring food, shelter and security, most people end up being sad, dangerous or perverted. How? Read previous post.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Freedom to be who I am

Freedom to be who you are. When you don't have that, you become sad, dangerous, perverted. Because you are being something other than who you are. That is an insult to your individuality, to your uniqueness. When you are forced to act in any unnatural way, it shows that society considers you valueless. You become sad because society does not value you. You become dangerous because you want to destroy the social elements that are accepted and hence force society to accept and desire your values instead. You become perverted when you continue to act in the unnatural manner required by society, and in all the unnatural manners accepted by society, with no regard for your own individuality and personal worth.

Just the freedom to be who I am is all I am asking for. So much is expected, so many do's and dont's. So much infringement on individual expression. Will I ever have that freedom to act in tune with my natural self?

Yes, if basic financial capability is made a legal requirement for parenthood.
If my survival is guaranteed, no matter what.

roots of racism

What's wrong is not that we are unable to treat people the same irrespective of color, sex, race, etc. What's wrong is that society and our way of life is dependent on those things. Why do we hold beauty contests? Why does the more intelligent get ahead in life? Why do we hold fitness and strength contests? Where the tall, more well-built ones are the ones who succeed?

It's all right to hold such contests. But not to reward the winner. If we do, then we are acting out of bias. Promoting such a culture. And giving in to nature's principle of "survival of the fittest."

Why should it matter if the other person has a displeasing appearance? Why should it matter if he/she looks looks disgusting to you? According to me, there's nothing wrong in either you feeling disgusted or him/her looking disgusting. What's wrong is that you have the power to hurt him/her based on how you feel. And does the rest of society as well. If most people find that person disgusting in some way or other, he/she will have to suffer or change his/her personality to a more pleasing type, thereby having to give up his/her individuality.


The perfect world stays online, for the world to see. I want a better world 'coz I suffer a lot in this world. I feel horrible right now. Why is it that I am alone? Why have I always been so? People suffer in many ways. People suffer in much worse ways. But my loneliness only shows that the world is unfair. Those with looks and fortune don't have to be alone or misunderstood. Or is it?

Famous people with looks and fortune often complain of loneliness. So I can't shout at the world for my loneliness. I chose it? Maybe.

It feels terrible not to have a job. I gave up my job to spread the message, sell my books on my own and live on the profits. But no one bought my book on the streets. Worse, I couldn't handle selling. So I'm back looking for a job. Did a test today. If things go well, I'll have a job, finally.

I have a message. At