Sunday, November 23, 2008

Depths of hell

I'm in the depths of hell. I have a toothache, have conjunctivitis in the left eye for a month now, feel extremely uncomfortable, stuck with a person who has belittled me as much as possible.

Wherever I go people insult me and treat me with contempt.

I used to freely express myself once upon a time. I don't anymore, thinking it is the social way - the right way. Hey, I don't care shit for the right way anymore. The right way never helped and never will. See where I am now. Back to square one.

Lesson: Listen only to yourself. The world is a disgusting shitty place with horrible, dirty people sitting in positions of power over you. The dirtier you are, the farther you get in life. Better die than submit to them.

The slightest hint of discomfort, leave. That is my mantra now.