Sunday, March 28, 2010

Perfect World Law vs Obama's Health Care Plan

Insurance and taxation are wrong because you have to pay for the life that you didn't create, in order to insure your life or have access to things that are vital for your life.

The parenthood financial capability law ( only asks you to pay for the life that you did create, your offspring.

Obama's Health Care Plan

I can see why Obama is happy. Why he thinks he has done something fabulous. The idea is insurance and taxes, which is a very age-old idea. Again shows how Obama seems to be a new light but really isn't. He is only repackaging old ideas and making them appealing. That, and he is a never-say-die salesman, not a philosopher of any kind. Insurance and taxation on a large scale is really what it is. Human freedom is being lost.

Where we really have to control human freedom is in reproduction, when will we realize that?

I do hope his grand scheme is realized, though I seriously doubt it, and I wish him all the best.

For the real solution, require basic financial capability for parenthood by law.