Sunday, August 16, 2009

For you

Willing to wait a lifetime
For you
And unto eternity if I could
For you

But all I have,
You should well know
Is this little bit of time, given
To love you

So please
I wish you knew
That my love, is true
And the time is short

Am I asking for too much
Or wishing for what's not mine
I may be, I don't know
And I don't care anymore

For I have waited for too long
And the pain's been too great
Was it not all for something?
Was it not all so I find you?

And maybe we don't speak the same
And maybe we don't look the same
And maybe I just don't have a right
And maybe it will all end in pain

But what have I to care
And what have I to lose
Maybe a lot, maybe nothing
But I'll do it all for you

Friday, August 7, 2009


I fell in love
The first day you sat near
Then I couldn't stop losing myself
In your dreamy eyes

I was yours
I really had no choice
Your beauty was astounding
And your voice divine

And oh you gave me signs
So many that I forget
So exceptional that
I can't explain

I now feel
What only soulmates feel
The eternal pull
To be one

Never been so sure
Of anything in my life
Never been so healed
And saved from lonely torment

Follow you wherever you may go
Love you whoever you be with
Adore you whatever you may say
Dream of you as long as I can

Because the signs
Were great and many
You're my soulmate
My one and only


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Free man from the planet


A backpack that consists of...

--a fast transportation device (speed in light years)
--a food generator from the elements
--a water generator from the elements
--an oxygen generator
--no failing parts

This little backpack can ensure total safety from the elements. Imagine if it was free and everyone had one of these. Free man from all limitations. Nationality, religion, race, color...all lose meaning.

The universe is our playground. And humans are freer than birds.

This is the only sensible thing to do. An asteroid or meteor could come after us while we would just be sitting ducks. Like the huge dinosaurs that roamed the earth before us when Yellowstone volcano erupted. Only the transportation device seems a bit out of reach. Other parts of the backpack are quite achievable.