Saturday, November 21, 2009

Keep life beautiful

The beauty of being true to yourself. That's real beauty.

Life is beautiful. It remains so when we are honest with ourselves and others. 'Do not lie' for a very good reason. It spoils your life, makes your conscience troubled. Whatever you build on lies will never be as beautiful as something not built on lies.

Life is innately beautiful. It remains so, it need not change. Do not force yourself to do anything you do not feel like doing. Sadly the world is built on the principle of contributability. Contributability - the ability to contribute. Hence you are forced to so things you do not feel like doing. To contribute.

Recognizing this fact may enable you to contribute just the right amount and at the right places and times for the maximum contribution. You cannot contribute what you do not have. So, get into a position where the job demands what you can give, not what you have made others believe that you can give. Again, this is why the age-old law makes sense: do not lie.

Keep life beautiful.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Cut Soul

So far away you seem
Forever out of grasp
Elusive you wish to remain
But why, I know not

Bleeding, I lay
To breathe, I struggled
Will I survive?, I gasped
Your words had cut my soul

Kindness, the soothing balm I hoped for
Understanding, the rarity I couldn't find
Common ground, that no one wished to have
One-of-a-kind, I knew we both were

Years of sadness
And pain
I thought had come to an end

The long wait was over
The pain was for a reason
My life suddenly had meaning
But it was not to be

Or is this the night's darkest hour
Before the elusive dawn
Of all that I'd promised myself
And will she show me her heart?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

What it takes

What does it take
To show you
How much I feel
How true it is

Maybe you know already
Maybe you need some time
And maybe you don't want to say
That you feel the same

But it's driving me crazy
I don't know who I am
Or why I do the things I do
Except that it may please you

Sometimes truth is given
But hard to digest
Like what lies ahead
For me and you

The good and bad
The pretty and ugly
The highs and lows
The sweet and sour

And you realize
Life does not change much
The same people come again
To assist in life's journey

In different shapes and sizes
They keep coming
Till you do what you're meant to
And get it out of the way

Sunday, August 16, 2009

For you

Willing to wait a lifetime
For you
And unto eternity if I could
For you

But all I have,
You should well know
Is this little bit of time, given
To love you

So please
I wish you knew
That my love, is true
And the time is short

Am I asking for too much
Or wishing for what's not mine
I may be, I don't know
And I don't care anymore

For I have waited for too long
And the pain's been too great
Was it not all for something?
Was it not all so I find you?

And maybe we don't speak the same
And maybe we don't look the same
And maybe I just don't have a right
And maybe it will all end in pain

But what have I to care
And what have I to lose
Maybe a lot, maybe nothing
But I'll do it all for you

Friday, August 7, 2009


I fell in love
The first day you sat near
Then I couldn't stop losing myself
In your dreamy eyes

I was yours
I really had no choice
Your beauty was astounding
And your voice divine

And oh you gave me signs
So many that I forget
So exceptional that
I can't explain

I now feel
What only soulmates feel
The eternal pull
To be one

Never been so sure
Of anything in my life
Never been so healed
And saved from lonely torment

Follow you wherever you may go
Love you whoever you be with
Adore you whatever you may say
Dream of you as long as I can

Because the signs
Were great and many
You're my soulmate
My one and only


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Free man from the planet


A backpack that consists of...

--a fast transportation device (speed in light years)
--a food generator from the elements
--a water generator from the elements
--an oxygen generator
--no failing parts

This little backpack can ensure total safety from the elements. Imagine if it was free and everyone had one of these. Free man from all limitations. Nationality, religion, race, color...all lose meaning.

The universe is our playground. And humans are freer than birds.

This is the only sensible thing to do. An asteroid or meteor could come after us while we would just be sitting ducks. Like the huge dinosaurs that roamed the earth before us when Yellowstone volcano erupted. Only the transportation device seems a bit out of reach. Other parts of the backpack are quite achievable.


Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just as me

Nobody loves you
Is that the real truth?
I know it is appearance
That really matters

But she
Is not like the others
I know, I know, I know
Why? Only because...

Each movement and action of hers
Shows that she is deep
That she cannot stand
Those who clown and lay life waste

Deeper than ever
Mature for her age
Taking the hard road
And living on the edge

Her, I admire
And no one else
Her, I desire
And wish be mine

I know we are the same
I hope she does too
Hope she never loses
Faith in this truth I've seen

But just as me
She does love
The clowns of this world
Relief to our burdened hearts!

Will she marry a clown
And befriend me?
Or befriend a clown
And marry me...

Together, our hearts, nevertheless
Happy to have found the other
And fearing with mortal dread
The day to separate, we're forced

Hearts that know they are
The same
Hearts connected
By a pure and fragile love

Love that will exist
Wherever she may be
Wherever I'm forced to be
Hearts longing for like company

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Love is a Lie

It's all about getting to the next level of evolution.

He was quoting someone else in, but he said that human beings have the drive to keep interacting and procreating till they become homogeneous.

My thought is, what is the role of love in this? How substantial is this entity we call 'love'?

Love is the most superficial and overrated entity we know. In the same website I read him quoting someone else saying love and truth are interchangeable. Now that feels like an abomination, an insult, a blasphemy.

When you love someone you think is better off than you, it is the feature that he/she has, be it beauty, intelligence, knowledge, sociability, fame, money that you are actually 'loving'.

When you love someone you think is worse off than you, it is yourself that you are 'loving', your high mindedness, compassion, goodness, kindness, caring nature, sensibility, and so on.

We don't do anything unless we profit from it. Being compassionate rewards us by a feeling of euphoria, self-esteem, sense of victim hood, sense of greatness, and probably many other feelings we even don't know exist.

In 'love' the feeling of euphoria is the reward. It's so evolutionary.

The truth is that love does not exist. Love and truth are opposites. Truth is truth. Love is a lie.

A lie we willingly wish to believe in for the tremendous high we get from it.

One of the many lies we willingly and blindly believe in the Piscean Age.


Friday, July 3, 2009

Perfect World Cooking

In a perfect world (which is very much achievable, mind you), each person will live peacefully in his/her own space. He/she will have all the necessities of life and will be totally satisfied.

In that vein of thought, I'm sure I can share some of the tips on how to cook simple, easy and effectively.

Your daily nutritional needs can be taken care of by the following regimen:

1) Horlicks with Milk (or similar health drink)
2) Rice and fish
3) Chicken nuggets/cucumber/tomato/brown bread sandwich
4) Peanuts for snacking
5) Packaged juices (Tropicana, Ceres, etc.)

Cooking instructions:

1) Horlicks with Milk (or similar health drink)

About 3 tablespoons each of horlicks and milk powder for each day added to warm water. I do this for 10-15 days at one go.

- the entire quantity of water is microwaved at the rate of 1 minute at 750W per cup of water
- horlicks and milk powder are poured directly from their packs
- mixture stirred till most lumps are gone
- use a funnel to pour the liquid into a 2 litre or bigger container
- place the warm liquid containing container into the fridge

You can now have ice cream like delicious health drink every day.

(Warning - use only microwaved pure water or germs could spoil the health drink)

2) Rice and fish

Take about a handful and a half of rice in a bowl. Wash it in water 3-4 times. Add 4 cups of water.

- microwave for 15 mins at 450W
- let stand for 20 mins
- pour out excess starch liquid
- add a bit of tamarind paste, salt and then mix
- add a piece of canned fish

You're good to go.

3) Chicken nuggets/cucumber/tomato/brown bread sandwich

- four slices of brown bread, four slices each of cucumber and tomato
- lay out half the cucumber and tomato on the first bread slice
- place the next bread slice on top
- lay out the rest of the cucumber and tomato on top of that
- put two tablespoons of yoghurt and cover with the third bread slice
- lay out 7-8 chicken nuggets (number depends on size) on the third slice, then cover with last bread slice
- microwave for 4 mins at 750W
- let stand for 15-20 mins

This is the simplest, easiest way (that I have so far discovered) to be self reliant as well as time efficient. Hope it helps.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

What am I to do...

Every day I catch a glimpse
Of the one that I'd been waiting for
The one who shall end my pain
Wait, is she the one?

How would I know?
Her voice, her walk, her talk
Nothing told me the answer clearly
But my heart is sure

I want to talk to her
And see for myself
But the time never came, and
Neither did my courage

I never talked to those
That never talked to me
How could I make an exception
For this one and only beauty?

Yes, I think I can
Because of the signs
That none before her showed
The signs of the one for me

She kept saying that she was
From that far and distant land
That bore my ten-year lost love
As if she had come to take her place

In my flashes of telepathy
During days of restless youth
There appeared without warning
Without reason or explanation...

The picture of a maiden
Dainty and dignified, thoughtful and lovely
But above all, lovely
That fit her only too well

What am I to do
When that picture materializes
In the form a creature
That says the magic word

The one I've been waiting for, yes
The one I truly want, yes
Yet I do not know
What am I to do...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Her Pause

When she moves
And pauses just a moment
It's clear as daylight
Something troubles her

In a moment's hesitation
She and the world are one
For there is reason tremendous
And cause abundant for her stillness

But what reason, what cause
Thy soul yearns to discern
Knowledge withheld from it
Known to none but one

Backs up her steps, nods her head
Ah, she must have found the solution
Surely, wisdom feminine won
And it never pauses wthout cause

Lo, she makes her appearance again
Expression quite the opposite
Happiness for the sake of happiness
Her smile is all that's left

Such is life

A creeping realization that things are much worse than I thought. A growing realization of how great I truly am.

A hopelessness that eats away at my very soul. An abundance of preposterous dreams that could come true given time.

A hatred of the shackles of routine and home. A sense of freedom I was unsure I would ever have.

A history of heart breaking enough to have killed me long ago. A leap of joy when a potential soulmate passes by.

Such is life.

Friday, April 10, 2009

If she doesn't love me, it's fine

If she doesn't love me, it's fine
Just let me love her

Forget her face
Only remember who she was

If you can do that, my
You still won

For you are with her
And woe to the one next to her

For he knows not
The person she really is

But you are with her

I remember
The square and long flowing whites

That hung loosely around her, stitches showing
Her thin frame gliding fragile

Her willing to be kind
So kind, that she taught me kindness

So quiet,
That she taught me the beauty of quiet

Inappropriate to some,
Beautiful to me, her crumpled sweater

On top of her flowing whites
Almost made me laugh, and love her even more

Yes, that too
She taught me to be inappropriate

If she doesn't love me, that's fine
Just let me love her

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

They chose him for his color

How superficial can people get?

Once a friend had said to me, "If a million people say a stupid thing, it is still a stupid thing." That seems to be the case everywhere now-a-days. Yes, sure, a half-black became president. And yes, he may have what it takes. But is that why they elected Barack Hussein Obama to become president? I wish it was, but I have a nagging suspicion to the contrary.

I don't see this as great in any sense of the word. The world watches as history is made? What history? Aren't you ashamed to say that you have elected a person because of his color?

Martin Luther King will be proud of this moment? I don't think so. What I see is people being as superficial as they once were. Our choices are made based on what looks good in the eyes of others. When shall the day come when human beings are free do do what they feel is right and true? The true definition of freedom.

A whole nation has done what's popular. Few have the courage to think for themselves anymore. I do not think this is how the forefathers they are so proud of lived. I do not think this is what they had wished for.