Friday, July 3, 2009

Perfect World Cooking

In a perfect world (which is very much achievable, mind you), each person will live peacefully in his/her own space. He/she will have all the necessities of life and will be totally satisfied.

In that vein of thought, I'm sure I can share some of the tips on how to cook simple, easy and effectively.

Your daily nutritional needs can be taken care of by the following regimen:

1) Horlicks with Milk (or similar health drink)
2) Rice and fish
3) Chicken nuggets/cucumber/tomato/brown bread sandwich
4) Peanuts for snacking
5) Packaged juices (Tropicana, Ceres, etc.)

Cooking instructions:

1) Horlicks with Milk (or similar health drink)

About 3 tablespoons each of horlicks and milk powder for each day added to warm water. I do this for 10-15 days at one go.

- the entire quantity of water is microwaved at the rate of 1 minute at 750W per cup of water
- horlicks and milk powder are poured directly from their packs
- mixture stirred till most lumps are gone
- use a funnel to pour the liquid into a 2 litre or bigger container
- place the warm liquid containing container into the fridge

You can now have ice cream like delicious health drink every day.

(Warning - use only microwaved pure water or germs could spoil the health drink)

2) Rice and fish

Take about a handful and a half of rice in a bowl. Wash it in water 3-4 times. Add 4 cups of water.

- microwave for 15 mins at 450W
- let stand for 20 mins
- pour out excess starch liquid
- add a bit of tamarind paste, salt and then mix
- add a piece of canned fish

You're good to go.

3) Chicken nuggets/cucumber/tomato/brown bread sandwich

- four slices of brown bread, four slices each of cucumber and tomato
- lay out half the cucumber and tomato on the first bread slice
- place the next bread slice on top
- lay out the rest of the cucumber and tomato on top of that
- put two tablespoons of yoghurt and cover with the third bread slice
- lay out 7-8 chicken nuggets (number depends on size) on the third slice, then cover with last bread slice
- microwave for 4 mins at 750W
- let stand for 15-20 mins

This is the simplest, easiest way (that I have so far discovered) to be self reliant as well as time efficient. Hope it helps.

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