Saturday, June 27, 2009

What am I to do...

Every day I catch a glimpse
Of the one that I'd been waiting for
The one who shall end my pain
Wait, is she the one?

How would I know?
Her voice, her walk, her talk
Nothing told me the answer clearly
But my heart is sure

I want to talk to her
And see for myself
But the time never came, and
Neither did my courage

I never talked to those
That never talked to me
How could I make an exception
For this one and only beauty?

Yes, I think I can
Because of the signs
That none before her showed
The signs of the one for me

She kept saying that she was
From that far and distant land
That bore my ten-year lost love
As if she had come to take her place

In my flashes of telepathy
During days of restless youth
There appeared without warning
Without reason or explanation...

The picture of a maiden
Dainty and dignified, thoughtful and lovely
But above all, lovely
That fit her only too well

What am I to do
When that picture materializes
In the form a creature
That says the magic word

The one I've been waiting for, yes
The one I truly want, yes
Yet I do not know
What am I to do...

1 comment:

jaz said...

Hello Sanj, your piece made me smile, pinched my heart a bit and reminded me of the phrase, "follow your heart", which I too need to be reminded of these days..