Friday, October 22, 2010

UAE, A Safe Land

I am seeing for myself the benefits of a rigid and effective legal system. UAE is a sheikhdom and the rules here are absolute.

It is just so much safer, people speak softly, keep out of each other's way, have utmost respect (and fear) of the law.

Of course, already I can see the media and even the internet are not as free as back in India. Who would want to put their rich and pampered living to be put at risk by angering the Islamic authorities?

Most of the media is fit for a 5-year-old's eyes.

What came across to me at first was the harsh hot climate and the similarity with the legal system. Just goes to show that human beings are just a product of their environment...

The natives here think they are acting out of their own free will with their extremely strict rules... but of course not, they are just part of the unforgiving desert landscape...

This crime-free land of perfect law and order, where I grew up, is probably my real inspiration behind the perfect world theory.

Rules aren't always a bad thing.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Back in Sharjah

Feeling like myself after 14 years. Can't say how proud I am to have survived.

And it was instant.

Some people are telling me that things have changed here. But of course not.

This is my home. Unlike for any of them.

And I instantly felt at home. Felt like blood was flowing through my veins after a very long time.

This will always be my home, whether I get to stay here or not.