Saturday, September 11, 2010

Passport Saga V

The Passport Saga is over. I got the passport on 25 Aug. This was after I did not get it on the promised date and had to speak to the RPO on 23 Aug. They said I could collect the passport directly on 25 Aug, which I did.

I can't believe I went through all this for just getting a passport.

The lesson here is actually something I already knew. Know the rules well and follow them from the very start. I should have insisted on the 10+2 certificates remaining in my application and checked the spelling of everything on the acknowledgement slip at Bangalore One. That would have got me the passport one month earlier without the mistakes.

Next lesson, the authorities can, and will, mess up.

Next lesson, the authorities may not have all the information.

Last lesson, exhaust all options. The passport was actually at the RPO for two months in delayed processing while I ran between police stations thinking the police verification wasn't done because the officer had asked me for a bribe.

I'm sure there may be some more lessons, and I hope I will find them if so.