Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Stupidity AND Arrogance

Decided to go to Haiku Honda service because the tyre became flat within 24 hrs of filling it.

Service guy arrogant as usual.

Tried to increase my charges by saying clutch lining needs to be replaced. I said no because they changed some clutch related thing last time and the vehicle became worse.

Maybe it needed to be replaced but my past experience overrules whatever lies (or possibly truth) I was hearing.

Still added clutch service charges extra to the bill in addition to normal service charge.

Thought he was a smarter than me and had to prove it by cheating me.

I paid, especially after the lady who was speaking to a customer in english changed to kannada to speak to me, obviously for her English is a high class language and I don't look high class to her.

Then the other bill person who was a man:

I ask, “Is this clutch charge part of service charge?”

"Part of and separate."

I ask again, “Part of or separate?”

This time he raises his voice, “Part of but separate, sir!”

I say, “Part of AND separate?”

He again shouts, “Part of but separate, sir!”

Stupidity AND Arrogance.

Cockiness that they can cheat me and that I can't do anything about it.

Typical Indian.

I doubt he would talk that way or even try to cheat the tall, fair, obviously overprivileged compared to me, customer before me.

In fact that guy even seemed to be having a decent conversation with the lady.

With these thoughts whittling about in my head I said, “OK, I'll pay”

Can't think of any way I can avoid coming here....

Finally I tweeted:

Can't get over how crooked, classist and partial the Honda service people were today. #Indians
Always dread these visits.