Thursday, October 2, 2014

Mass-Produced People

People are mass-produced like products are today -- shallow, selfish, no personality, want same things, same jobs, same partners, same lives.

When people = things, living = nonliving, value of life = 0

When you mass produce people like you do things, they become cheap and worthless.

When value of life = 0, you get hypocrisy, deceit, filth, exploitation, inequality, molestation, rape.

You know which country has all this.

Of course you don't like or agree with me. You're programmed like everyone else to like or agree with only a certain kind of person.

Apple products work only with Apple parts, Microsoft only with Microsoft software.
Mass-produced people like and agree with only other mass-produced people that they're programmed to like or agree with.

What's more is that the mass production has become so advanced that there's a built-in blind spot that prevents mass-produced people from realizing that they're mass produced. Even better is the latest add-on which tells them they're all unique, free and innovative when in reality all they are is shallow, selfish, bland, deceitful and exploitative.

And in case you don't know the assembly line factories for human beings are the TV, Internet, Schools, Universities, etc. -- all brain-washing institutions of mass production. The only way to stop it is to stop mass-producing human beings. When people are mass produced they can't afford special care - only cheap care - and that comes from the cheap assembly line factories where they'll inevitably go to in order to survive.