Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Modified Age-Point Technique

I wanted to talk about a relatively less-known form of prediction, called age-point technique. It uses the western wheel natal chart. And each house corresponds to 5/6 years. Going anticlockwise (some say clockwise), the planetary aspects can indicate the kind of experiences the person will have.

I use a slightly modified technique, however. I ask the person for 2 or 3 most important events in his/her life. I go by the 5/6 years per house technique, but see if there is an exact match. Mostly there isn't so I adjust it so that I guess which planet represents which major event and calculate the degree separation (clockwise) between them and the corresponding time in seconds/hours. From this I calculate how many hours/days is represented by one degree in the person's natal chart. Using this unit I predict future events based on the kind of planet that the age-point conjuncts (age-point is on the ascendant at the moment of birth and moves clockwise at the rate of the calculated hours/days per degree). You can use this to predict the future of a person, an organization, a country, anything.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

New drugs tested on the poor of India

I usually don't write about such stuff, but here goes. I just saw foreign drug companies using poor patients in Indian hospitals, mostly unknowingly, for clinical trials of new drugs. Now the question being asked is whether the patient's consent was had before the trial was conducted. But for me it's the fact that poor people are willing to risk their life in India if it means free medication. They just barely live, anyways. And I saw this on a foreign channel, Australia network. I for one, will never step into an Indian hospital after seeing that TV episode.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Good or bad ?

Paradoxes, when you get to the bottom of life. Truth is, we never can understand life. Good or bad? You can never say. When everything is confusing to you, then you have understood life as well as it can ever be understood. You understand there are two sides to everything.

For example, this blog that I am writing - no reason to write 'coz I'm not a pretty girl or a famous blogger so no one reads my blog - I am in the dumps. Really? Think again. I am the only person who can write without fear of what people may say. I am the only one who can truly be myself. And in the process I get to express myself without inhibition, which is what writing is supposed to do. Blogging is supposed to let your thoughts be known to the world in which I have failed - to be honest, though. But if the thoughts that get communicated are not really your own, and the world reads them, then you have failed just as well.

And even if you communicate what you truly have to say and get famous too, the persona thus created prevents you from being spontaneous, the need to please the public by offering them what they are looking for to keep the blog well-read arises.

So there you go. Paradox at every stage in life. At every instance. At every alternative.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Like the many

My eyelids lifted
My heart still beating
My breathing laboured
My blood still flowing

Where are you when I need you
How could you leave me and go
Leave me to face it all alone
What were you thinking

I can't see too far
Can't hear too much
Is this how it will end
For myself left to fend

Thought there was a beating heart
Pumped not just blood but love
Thought there were beautiful eyes
Saw not form but pain beneath

Numbered are the breaths I take
Kindness from you I wish to see
Before it ends I wished to make
Love from you a reality

But what have I
But a fool's abode
Never ever comes true
Never ever comes close

I will end
Like the many
Unknown, unwanted
Uncared for

There is no justice
In life and in love
Thought you would be the rarity
Sent for me from up above

Love, influence

Is there any relation between the goodness of your heart and the quality of your life?

I guess we could see it in a million different ways.

Why the philosophy? All I want is for someone I love to say that they love me. I've never heard those three beautiful words. Never.

In the end you remain who you are, whatever you give or take, achieve or miserably fail in. Yeah, so what's the point of love, right?

To be who you are you must rid yourself of influences, especially at work, where being influenced by the boss works in your favour. Where blending in is more important than sticking out. And then your need for love disappears.

When you rid yourself of influences and have the courage to be who you are. But it's downright impossible. People who constantly try to change you will continue to do so.

How many?

How many roads must a man walk
Before you can call him a man

It's a question. Not just lines from Bob Dylan's song. How many?

I still lament that the world does not accept you for who you are. Why do you have to walk any roads at all? And what if you are not a man? That the world is built on the principle of survival of the fittest is to blame.

I'm thinking of another book to write. Centred around this new sense of awareness I have had since the last one I had five years ago and the resulting book. It's basically about how humans are just a bunch of overgrown worms. How the big trample the little. How inequality is the law of nature. And more.

But that doesn't sound earth-shaking enough. Or maybe it is.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

To die

We are who we are. So many reasons, causes.

They will burn the prophet.

Won't they?

So much pain and loneliness. So much good too, but I don't want to see it. Do I like pain?

Sadistic pervert.


So what?

I wish I could one day say that without fear. "So what?"

My body is tired and weak. My search for love is in vain. To die. To die I wish.

What was the point of this burden called life...no point, no purpose.

Oh, the magic of silence I forgot. A soothing balm. I'll try that.

Jealousy and opposition is what I face. They will burn the prophet. Can I escape?

I think not.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Rot like a street dog

So much has happened. I realize I have been scared and influenced. Fearful of saying what I think.

At work I used to put up art on the wall every week. There were comments written underneath, but when I wrote there that nothing should be written, someone threw away my art. Behind my back. Infuriated me. Anything done behind my back infuriates me. I sent a mail (toned down) to everyone, saying whoever did it owed me an apology. I was mad as hell. I drank beer the previous night at a friend's place and somehow it had a long-lasting effect on me. I was scared it was the beer talking. So nervous and scared that I called a friend to ease myself. I was strangely acting - the beer I think is responsible.

Anyways, later after sobering a day after, I looked at the mail and it didn't seem rude. I was relieved. I realized alcohol only magnifies the negative possibilities for me. I also saw that people would most likely ignore the mail - which they didn't seem likely to do a day back.

It's not a life of beer drinks that can't be counted on the fingers of one hand.

I mean I haven't drunk more than five or six times in my life and only soberly too, at that. I was keeping myself safe and protected - always thought that there was a reason. But today I see the whole world is a sham. The only reason why people would like you is because they need something you have. When you don't have anything, you are thrown away like a used rag to rot like a street dog.

That happens to half the people on earth. At some point in their life.