Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Like the many

My eyelids lifted
My heart still beating
My breathing laboured
My blood still flowing

Where are you when I need you
How could you leave me and go
Leave me to face it all alone
What were you thinking

I can't see too far
Can't hear too much
Is this how it will end
For myself left to fend

Thought there was a beating heart
Pumped not just blood but love
Thought there were beautiful eyes
Saw not form but pain beneath

Numbered are the breaths I take
Kindness from you I wish to see
Before it ends I wished to make
Love from you a reality

But what have I
But a fool's abode
Never ever comes true
Never ever comes close

I will end
Like the many
Unknown, unwanted
Uncared for

There is no justice
In life and in love
Thought you would be the rarity
Sent for me from up above

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