Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Modified Age-Point Technique

I wanted to talk about a relatively less-known form of prediction, called age-point technique. It uses the western wheel natal chart. And each house corresponds to 5/6 years. Going anticlockwise (some say clockwise), the planetary aspects can indicate the kind of experiences the person will have.

I use a slightly modified technique, however. I ask the person for 2 or 3 most important events in his/her life. I go by the 5/6 years per house technique, but see if there is an exact match. Mostly there isn't so I adjust it so that I guess which planet represents which major event and calculate the degree separation (clockwise) between them and the corresponding time in seconds/hours. From this I calculate how many hours/days is represented by one degree in the person's natal chart. Using this unit I predict future events based on the kind of planet that the age-point conjuncts (age-point is on the ascendant at the moment of birth and moves clockwise at the rate of the calculated hours/days per degree). You can use this to predict the future of a person, an organization, a country, anything.

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