Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Good or bad ?

Paradoxes, when you get to the bottom of life. Truth is, we never can understand life. Good or bad? You can never say. When everything is confusing to you, then you have understood life as well as it can ever be understood. You understand there are two sides to everything.

For example, this blog that I am writing - no reason to write 'coz I'm not a pretty girl or a famous blogger so no one reads my blog - I am in the dumps. Really? Think again. I am the only person who can write without fear of what people may say. I am the only one who can truly be myself. And in the process I get to express myself without inhibition, which is what writing is supposed to do. Blogging is supposed to let your thoughts be known to the world in which I have failed - to be honest, though. But if the thoughts that get communicated are not really your own, and the world reads them, then you have failed just as well.

And even if you communicate what you truly have to say and get famous too, the persona thus created prevents you from being spontaneous, the need to please the public by offering them what they are looking for to keep the blog well-read arises.

So there you go. Paradox at every stage in life. At every instance. At every alternative.

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