Monday, January 28, 2008

Bus conductor abuse - Chennai

At 7 am after 8 hrs of night shift on a Sunday, I stand waiting for the bus on Mount Road, Chennai, India. I get in after 20 mins of waiting and say, "Gemini", the place where I ought to get down. Two people next to me said the same place name. I understand my voice is a bit low but I was sure the conductor heard what I said. He grunted, "Hm?" I repeated, "Gemini." Again he grunted. Again I repeated, this time a wave of anger making itself felt in my veins, a suspicion of ill-will bouncing harder in my mind. He made me repeat it three times.

He looked dirty and grimy, I was well dressed. He was probably at the beginning of his day, I was at the end. He was all pumped up with reserves of energy, I was drained. He was probably stress-free, I was sleep-deprived. He was earning not more than me, of that I could be sure. He was older than me, maybe 10 years or so, that was pretty obvious too. He was probably jealous, but I was clueless.

He deliberately made me repeat it thrice, a sadistic satisfaction from it he derived; the conductor exercising his authority or pacifying himself that he could treat people more prosperous than himself as he pleased and consequently dousing his own fires of jealousy... I was confused.

My stop came. A bunch of people got out. He blew the whistle before I could get out. And then looked at me after I hastened a risky exit from the speeding bus onto the road. I stared at him from the road, the extent of ill-will I faced from a stranger becoming utterly incomprehensible.

And it was all subtle. Cleverly done in a manner that could not put the perpetrator to justice. Cunning ways of projecting one's own insecurities onto others. In this city, Chennai, I have met many such people. People who delight in getting the better of people who are better off than they are.

Why? The usual question. Why?
Answer: People are what they are. Their choice. But when in authority one ought not to abuse it. I have made a post about this before. You have the right to be who you are. Like or dislike. Anyone or anything. But no one should have the power to hurt a person or alter someones life, because it would lead to abuse of power such as the one I just experienced.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

World war happens all the time

World war happens all the time. We hurt each other all the time. Sometimes fatally, sometimes not.

When will World War III happen? Is it a valid question? People die every day of so many causes. Mostly because they cannot avoid situations they must live through in order to survive.

Free man from the need to work for a living. Free man from having to do anything. World war is happening all the time and will continue to happen. It doesn't have to be officially declared by nations and people don't have to be killed with guns and bombs for it to be a world war.

Even if people are not killed, people are injured daily. No, not the construction worker. You. Yes, you. Doing whatever is unnatural to the body hurts your health. When you and everyone else have to work for a living, you force your body to act in a certain way, whether it is natural or not. World war happens all the time. And you are an injured soldier.

You disgusting egomaniac, listen!

Stupid, idiotic, disgusting, ego-centric, arrogant people of the world, listen! LISTEN TO ME!

You all think you know everything. The only reason why you are reading this is because you are on the half of the world that is enjoying the benefits of hard labor of the other half. You wouldn't even be connected to the Internet otherwise. You think it is your right to an opinion, but you don't even have an opinion of yours. Do you have an opinion that has never been voiced by someone else? Have you ever? That shows you never ever think for yourself. And the opinion that you are so proud of is only something copied from others. So how valid can it be? You mob-creature! You snivelling sack of shit!

Give in to the PFC law! It is an idea never thought of, and therefore is testament to the genius of the person that thought of it. Instead of giving it a try, you are so very eager to find the loopholes (all of which are imaginary since it hasn't been tried for real). Your ego will not let you accept that someone, especially from a third-world country, is greater than not just you but any human being that ever walked the face of the earth. Pure jealousy. Accept it.

Disgusting egomaniacs of the world, devote your lives to spreading the PFC law and bringing it into effect. It is the only rational life-choice.

All evil comes from having to work

No need to work. At all.

All evil comes from having to work.

Yes. It does. You are doing what's unnatural. It's harmful to you physically, psychologically, and in ways we haven't found yet. Sure, a plant hurt a little gets stronger as a result and probably will last longer. But a plant hurt all the time has its lifespan reduced. The same applies to humans. So, how to create a world where no one has to work? Technically, there is no need to work. All work can be done by machines.

We can sit back and relax our whole lives. Enjoy life doing the things we wish to do. Or just play around like kids. But if we have a place to call our own and enough money to provide us food for the rest of our lives, we should be just fine.

Instead, we multiply in numbers and consume more and more, trying to keep the existing systems stable. There is no need for the economy or businesses to grow. Let energy come from nature, harnessed by machines; let it be used by machines to make what we need from nature's raw materials. Everything is in place. Stop multiplying, consuming endlessly, producing unnecessary waste, and running around senselessly.

Relax. And enjoy the breaths of life.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Happy birthday

I'm happy that I have a blog in which I express most of my feelings and thoughts. Besides unburdening myself, I get to preserve my true self by expressing it once in a while, not letting it die from lack of use. On my birthday (astrological - today - exact sun spot), I feel a new surge of life, a determination to live life more fully, an insight into exactly what my life has been so far and why, and a renewal of the real me. All of which I will share here.

My life has been manipulated by parents to achieve their ends, in which they failed, and in the process made a complete wreck of me. I could be wrong. My recent correspondence with my classmates showed me what I was scared of when we were classmates, 12 years ago, that my potential is cruelly stifled by my parents. They have gone so much farther ahead in life, I think. Again, I could be wrong.

Those patterns are existent to this day and I find it hard to escape them. I'm not sure. I never used to think like this. I always was glad for the life I lived, which was for a great purpose, I thought. These are the kind of thoughts I used to have as a teenager. I wonder why they are coming back...

Whatever it is, I'm determined to be the real me, exploring and willing to do the undone...

Happy birthday to me...

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Real and counterfeit

I've been put through hell. But emotion is not what I want to convey. It is the truth. Because if you knew the truth you could have avoided it. But since you couldn't, it means you didn't know the truth.

True happiness and perceived happiness are not to be confused. True greatness and perceived greatness are not to be confused. True friendship and faked friendship are not to be confused. But how to know the difference?

How do you know the difference between, say, a counterfeit note and a genuine one? It's like this: the genuine note will have all the characteristics of a currency note while a counterfeit one may have most of the characteristics, but not all of them.

What are the characteristics of genuine happiness? a smile, comfortable life, financial stability, loving relationships, true friends, interest in living life

What are the characteristics of fake happiness? a smile.

What are the characteristics of genuine friendship? a smile, expression of interest, common interests, sacrifices

What are the characteristics of fake friendship? a smile.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New year illusion

New year, huh? Heck, what do I care? I'm still in the selfsame rut I used to be in the last new year.

Oh, I do think I am better off now. I do. But I know I'm only fooling myself, just like everyone else. Life is always the same. Dammit!

What is life ? Trying to analyze it takes the life out of life itself, doesn't it? So I'd rather not ask, "What is life?"

Life is a bunch of illusions. There, I said it, and I haven't lost my head. Ha ha. Heck to you, Life.

Let's leave it at that before we both lose our heads. Realize it. And not take life too seriously. 'Cause after all, it's just a bunch of silly illusions.