Sunday, January 20, 2008

All evil comes from having to work

No need to work. At all.

All evil comes from having to work.

Yes. It does. You are doing what's unnatural. It's harmful to you physically, psychologically, and in ways we haven't found yet. Sure, a plant hurt a little gets stronger as a result and probably will last longer. But a plant hurt all the time has its lifespan reduced. The same applies to humans. So, how to create a world where no one has to work? Technically, there is no need to work. All work can be done by machines.

We can sit back and relax our whole lives. Enjoy life doing the things we wish to do. Or just play around like kids. But if we have a place to call our own and enough money to provide us food for the rest of our lives, we should be just fine.

Instead, we multiply in numbers and consume more and more, trying to keep the existing systems stable. There is no need for the economy or businesses to grow. Let energy come from nature, harnessed by machines; let it be used by machines to make what we need from nature's raw materials. Everything is in place. Stop multiplying, consuming endlessly, producing unnecessary waste, and running around senselessly.

Relax. And enjoy the breaths of life.

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