Sunday, January 20, 2008

You disgusting egomaniac, listen!

Stupid, idiotic, disgusting, ego-centric, arrogant people of the world, listen! LISTEN TO ME!

You all think you know everything. The only reason why you are reading this is because you are on the half of the world that is enjoying the benefits of hard labor of the other half. You wouldn't even be connected to the Internet otherwise. You think it is your right to an opinion, but you don't even have an opinion of yours. Do you have an opinion that has never been voiced by someone else? Have you ever? That shows you never ever think for yourself. And the opinion that you are so proud of is only something copied from others. So how valid can it be? You mob-creature! You snivelling sack of shit!

Give in to the PFC law! It is an idea never thought of, and therefore is testament to the genius of the person that thought of it. Instead of giving it a try, you are so very eager to find the loopholes (all of which are imaginary since it hasn't been tried for real). Your ego will not let you accept that someone, especially from a third-world country, is greater than not just you but any human being that ever walked the face of the earth. Pure jealousy. Accept it.

Disgusting egomaniacs of the world, devote your lives to spreading the PFC law and bringing it into effect. It is the only rational life-choice.

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