Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Migrate Hosts Easily on Cpanel

If you have a simple website or websites migration should be easy.

  1. Copy public_html folder.
  2. Backup SQL and email on cpanel backup wizard and upload them in the new site using the backup wizard.
  3. Export Wordpress from your dashboard and upload in your new wordpress installation using exported wp sql database. Copy wp-admin and wp-content folders.
  4. Replace old nameservers with new where you bought the domain. This change will take 24-48 hours, or less.
  5. Next, copy your mail folder only after the new webmail is accessible to ensure no mails are missed in the migration. If this doesn't automatically add forwarders, add them.
  6. Copy redirects.

Note copying means zipping, downloading, uploading and unzipping to the exact same location as before for big folders like mail or public_html.
If you're moving to https you'll need to add or change the .htaccess file in your particular website folder.
Don't change the nameservers before Wordpress migration!