Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Love is a Lie

It's all about getting to the next level of evolution.

He was quoting someone else in, but he said that human beings have the drive to keep interacting and procreating till they become homogeneous.

My thought is, what is the role of love in this? How substantial is this entity we call 'love'?

Love is the most superficial and overrated entity we know. In the same website I read him quoting someone else saying love and truth are interchangeable. Now that feels like an abomination, an insult, a blasphemy.

When you love someone you think is better off than you, it is the feature that he/she has, be it beauty, intelligence, knowledge, sociability, fame, money that you are actually 'loving'.

When you love someone you think is worse off than you, it is yourself that you are 'loving', your high mindedness, compassion, goodness, kindness, caring nature, sensibility, and so on.

We don't do anything unless we profit from it. Being compassionate rewards us by a feeling of euphoria, self-esteem, sense of victim hood, sense of greatness, and probably many other feelings we even don't know exist.

In 'love' the feeling of euphoria is the reward. It's so evolutionary.

The truth is that love does not exist. Love and truth are opposites. Truth is truth. Love is a lie.

A lie we willingly wish to believe in for the tremendous high we get from it.

One of the many lies we willingly and blindly believe in the Piscean Age.


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