Wednesday, January 21, 2009

They chose him for his color

How superficial can people get?

Once a friend had said to me, "If a million people say a stupid thing, it is still a stupid thing." That seems to be the case everywhere now-a-days. Yes, sure, a half-black became president. And yes, he may have what it takes. But is that why they elected Barack Hussein Obama to become president? I wish it was, but I have a nagging suspicion to the contrary.

I don't see this as great in any sense of the word. The world watches as history is made? What history? Aren't you ashamed to say that you have elected a person because of his color?

Martin Luther King will be proud of this moment? I don't think so. What I see is people being as superficial as they once were. Our choices are made based on what looks good in the eyes of others. When shall the day come when human beings are free do do what they feel is right and true? The true definition of freedom.

A whole nation has done what's popular. Few have the courage to think for themselves anymore. I do not think this is how the forefathers they are so proud of lived. I do not think this is what they had wished for.

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