Saturday, November 21, 2009

Keep life beautiful

The beauty of being true to yourself. That's real beauty.

Life is beautiful. It remains so when we are honest with ourselves and others. 'Do not lie' for a very good reason. It spoils your life, makes your conscience troubled. Whatever you build on lies will never be as beautiful as something not built on lies.

Life is innately beautiful. It remains so, it need not change. Do not force yourself to do anything you do not feel like doing. Sadly the world is built on the principle of contributability. Contributability - the ability to contribute. Hence you are forced to so things you do not feel like doing. To contribute.

Recognizing this fact may enable you to contribute just the right amount and at the right places and times for the maximum contribution. You cannot contribute what you do not have. So, get into a position where the job demands what you can give, not what you have made others believe that you can give. Again, this is why the age-old law makes sense: do not lie.

Keep life beautiful.

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