Tuesday, March 6, 2007


The perfect world stays online, for the world to see. I want a better world 'coz I suffer a lot in this world. I feel horrible right now. Why is it that I am alone? Why have I always been so? People suffer in many ways. People suffer in much worse ways. But my loneliness only shows that the world is unfair. Those with looks and fortune don't have to be alone or misunderstood. Or is it?

Famous people with looks and fortune often complain of loneliness. So I can't shout at the world for my loneliness. I chose it? Maybe.

It feels terrible not to have a job. I gave up my job to spread the message, sell my books on my own and live on the profits. But no one bought my book on the streets. Worse, I couldn't handle selling. So I'm back looking for a job. Did a test today. If things go well, I'll have a job, finally.

I have a message. At www.theperfectworld.org

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