Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Freedom to be who I am

Freedom to be who you are. When you don't have that, you become sad, dangerous, perverted. Because you are being something other than who you are. That is an insult to your individuality, to your uniqueness. When you are forced to act in any unnatural way, it shows that society considers you valueless. You become sad because society does not value you. You become dangerous because you want to destroy the social elements that are accepted and hence force society to accept and desire your values instead. You become perverted when you continue to act in the unnatural manner required by society, and in all the unnatural manners accepted by society, with no regard for your own individuality and personal worth.

Just the freedom to be who I am is all I am asking for. So much is expected, so many do's and dont's. So much infringement on individual expression. Will I ever have that freedom to act in tune with my natural self?

Yes, if basic financial capability is made a legal requirement for parenthood.
If my survival is guaranteed, no matter what. www.theperfectworld.org

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