Monday, November 26, 2007

Human child

Isn't the root of all evil hurting another person? You can do as you like with your life, but when you do as you like with another person's life, then all hell breaks loose. And this begins at parenthood. You decide where and how your child is being brought up and hence sow the seeds of all evil. What's to stop you from torturing or killing your child? Nothing. The human child is the most unprotected living creature. Animals will not kill their young unless they are compelled to do so by unavoidable circumstances. But humans can and will kill if they choose to, since they are not governed by instinct and can rise above it.

Animals breed in plenty - many die, some survive, depending on external conditions. The same is the case with humans. If we ensure that external conditions are just right before humans are born, then we can end the unnecessary deaths. And not die like animals.

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