Tuesday, February 26, 2008

No one is greater

The tough 4 months of night shift is coming to a close. I won't be reaching home at 7:00 am in the morning anymore. Besides that, I'll feel like a normal human being and my blogging will sound more intelligible. I'll be more satisfied with who I am coz I will be able to be my best. But the cool beauty of night and the awesome feeling that you are sleeping when others are rambling, and viceversa, will be lost.

At present I was thinking about how power corrupts and about how very few people know how to use it. Even if a person is in not-so-high a place, he/she imagines so and acts accordingly. I also regained my feeling of being the greatest person that ever walked the face of the earth. My pride has been restored. People almost succeded in making me think I was the worst possible person. Yes, Chennai people try to do that. They try to make you feel inferior, when the real problem is that they feel inferior to anything and everything because of their absolute lack of a sense of self-worth.

This place, Chennai, is full of cheats and thieves. Everyone is a cheat or a thief. No one can be trusted. I tried my best to think otherwise, but it's one year since I came and hence time for a verdict. Nothing worked for me, people seemed hard to understand or trust, when I thought they were all good people. I was cheated repeatedly. At shops, on the street, at work. But when I started suspecting them, thinking that underneath they are just trying to cheat you and get the better of you in some way or other, their actions made perfect sense to me, I could predict what they were going to to do or say, and most importantly, they couldn't cheat me anymore. I finally have become uncheatable. I win. In the end. It was the most disgusting stay of my life anywhere, but I still won. Nobody, no place, no culture, no country is greater than me. No one!

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