Friday, September 26, 2014

Got to Mars, Still Pretty Stupid

Just read this article about why Western criticism to India's Mars mission is blatant racism here.

How is it racist to point out poverty?

More importantly and obviously it's the very racism Indians show to each other that's behind the Mars mission. The fact that the author says that an Indian is proud of the mission and only an 'Indian' can understand that pride.

Well, that's very true. Only an Indian is so cold hearted that he can feel proud or celebrate the fact that they reached Mars while the millions of poor and dying are not even a priority. Heck, they do it every day. They build the most expensive houses, drive the most expensive cars, live in the most expensive homes and celebrate hundreds of festivals right NEXT TO starving, dying, millions. The poor are not a priority, they never were and they never will be. That is what it means to be an Indian. To be the most cold hearted, selfish, conscience-less creature in nature.

If India didn't go to Mars it would have been a surprise, not if it did go.

And then the gall to say that others are racist to point it out. And there's the stupidity of the average Indian.

He goes on to imply that India doesn't really need all the "do-gooder" $300m yearly British aid but will still sheepishly take it any way. And that The Guardian makes a thinly veiled threat to discontinue it.

I don't even know where to begin. The fact that you shamelessly take the aid or the fact that I can add ingratitude to your list of ubiquitous, glowing Indian qualities.

The author misses the point entirely, lists out reasons why India needs a Space Program. It's not why India needs a Space Program. It's - If you can go to Mars, you can handle the poverty in your country. But you won't handle the poverty because:

1) Don't give a shit
2) Free foreign aid
3) Sadism & Egotism

From the way he speaks I doubt the author will ever change or try to get a handle on the above because this is Indian culture. Looking down on others and taking advantage of the unfortunate, not helping them or treating them as equals, ever.

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