Sunday, September 23, 2007

Disgusting world

The heat is unbearable.

Have to stick to the plan, though. I seem to have holes in my pocket when it comes to money. But still... Have to stick to the plan.

Is love ever true? I can fall in love with anyone. And be rejected by almost anyone. What is it with the world that everyone but me seems to be happy? Is it a show or is it true? Some astrological reason perhaps?

Desperate. Angry. Disgusted. Disappointed. Useless.

It's useless. A pointless life. No interest in anything. Feel no connection to anyone. Never did.

Yes. Never did.

And the remedies offered by 'helpful' people...actually feel like poison..and is poison too. The last time I tried them I lost what little I had left.

Disgusting animals. That's what they are. Wounded and hurt that I am, they only rub salt in my wounds.

What a disgusting world. What disgusting people.

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