Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sociability - knew that was coming, didn't you?

The problem with too much variety is that you lose values like loyalty and sensitivity. True, there is no harm in trying a lot of different things - but not at the cost of the loss of human values.

I suspect that sociability was once the ability to be kind, sensitive and understanding to everyone. Today I suspect it's the opposite of that. People have an idea of sociability in their minds, but they all know it isn't working any longer. It is only a fragment of a concept of harmony in their heads. The more we see that it is not reality, the prettier the dresses and faces must be to make up for this gap. But reality remains the same. People have lost the ability to be truly kind or understanding. A pretty face isn't going to automatically guarantee a kind person behind it. You are more likely to find an insensitive person who is extremely used to getting whatever he/she wants all the time from everyone.

So we have to search within ourselves, do we still have those good qualities deep inside and more importantly, do we have the courage to hold on to those when not a creature for a million miles seems to truly possess it?

Sociability is overrated. I have always felt so. The social people have always seemed boring, bland, and of course, loud and insensitive. Then why are they so "accepted"?

Beats me.

But there is one true revelation I will stick on to. Sociability is based on animal instincts of evolution - it's not logical, rational or fair. How you treat others shows who you are, not your appearance/visibility. It's in fact, downright stupid when you see that sociability is purely based on appearance. Sociability=appearance. Period.

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