Tuesday, September 30, 2008

No limits love

When I was in love I did not think about color, race, religion or nationality. I knew at that moment that this is probably never going to work out. But I did it nonetheless because the feeling of love was precious enough. Just like most things I do, just because it feels good and right.

And when I really think about it, her husband or boyfriend will be forever worrying about losing her, trying to make her happy all the time, not getting one moment of peace, forget being able to love her and feel that ethereal feeling that I can.

That I can.

No worries, hassles, not even have to see her aging and lose character, if at all. To me she is still the innocent princess whom I could sense even if I was deaf and blind, just because of the ethereal feeling I had whenever she came close.

Love doesn't have to be a sad affair for the guy who didn't get the girl. After 12 years I can remember her still. And if I think about her deeply enough, it would still take me not more than a minute to feel just as if she were sitting next to me, no different. And experience the ethereal feeling any time I want.

Poor boyfriend of hers, it's probably been ages since he could feel that way, if at all.

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