Sunday, September 21, 2008

how the world works

When you come down to it, life is not special. Life is nothing but a form of nature that can outwit other forms. The human, who is at the top of the food chain, is an evolutionary product of an infinite number of death and discard of other forms of nature. Superiority among humans themselves is also the same - the result of an infinite number of deaths of the less superior.

Human society is extremely complex in that evolutionary predisposition in favor of the superior is almost the entire basis of it, but the humans themselves rarely acknowledge it. This is how the world works. By a seamless and subtle intertwining of the basic evolutionary principle of survival of the fittest into the core fabric of our societies. How we fool ourselves into thinking the opposite - a world which cares for the needy - is what I hope to expose.

To the degree to which our lives are different from what we really are, that much stress we would have.

A superiority complex cannot exist without an inferiority complex.

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