Thursday, March 6, 2008

Being who you are - III

When I open my mouth and if all that comes out is filth and lies, what is the point of living? If I live as what others want me to be rather than myself or what I want to be. If before uttering every word, I check it for political correctness. If every word I say is meant to impress those around me. If I don't have the courage to be who I am. If what is seen is not the real me.

Why be a fake? For survival? Or more?

Let them. Let them stop taking you seriously. Let them ignore you. Let them hate.

Let them.

How does it feel when the whole world hates you? Great? Powerful? Or terrible?

They have a right to feel anything. But you still have the right to be yourself. Is it worth it if you give up your individuality so that you can feel good that others like you? Or is it worth it to be hated by the whole world but if you feel good about yourself?

Which is more important, you feeling good about yourself or others feeling good about you?

Whatever you do, you are the one who has to live with it for the rest of your life, not others. Therefore it is more sensible to be hated by the world if necessary and yet be yourself.

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Zealouzz said...

Well said ! and I know you meant all what you wrote there .... i know ... i get it :)