Thursday, March 6, 2008

List of wrongs in Chennai

In Chennai I've been wronged. Here's the list.

1. My job took 1 month to get confirmed.
2.The hotel receptionist tried to make me sign a false bill with fake expenses.
3. The broker said I could install my a/c in the apartment - he showed me the space where I could fit it and plug it in. After moving in and drilling began, the owner started screaming. The a/c sits under the bed now.
4. Three laundry shops charge me for dry-cleaning but only wash my clothes. There's no laundry shop left where people won't cheat.
5. Auto rickshaws never switch on the meter. They haggle on the decided price once we reach the destination.
6. At work, some 20 recognitions and awards have been handed to a team of 23 (grown in size from 10 over the past year), but not one has come my way.
7. Every month, the salary components change. Not one of the payslips look like the one in the offer letter.
8. People are loud and noisy and don't speak English in office. They play loud Tamil music while I am working. The company I work for is RR Donnelley.


Zealouzz said...

Oh ! do i have to specially mention about the annoyance thats building up when i finished reading this piece. Cause I have been through almost the same at varied situations. Now do u get the "annoyance" bit ??????? :))

Sanju Paison said...

Yes, I do get the annoyance bit. But for me it's an incomprehensibly humungous outpouring of tremendously destructive anger.