Saturday, March 29, 2008

A paper and pencil

I'm keeping another diary now 'coz I realized I can never be perfectly honest on a blog.

I feel so much better. I'll say that. It's a way of letting yourself know who you are. It's a way of speaking out and expressing your individuality unfettered and unbound. The real me, who I thought was lost, for months, came back to life instantly. I am so relieved.

Awesome, isn't it? Just a paper and pencil is all you need to preserve your uniqueness.

Also, some things have happened, which I absolutely cannot discuss here. For those who have been following, the lump on my neck is much smaller now and seems to be going. So, don't worry. :)

Don't I even sound different? :)

Almost forgot. Preparing for the trip to Bangalore tomorrow, from which I'll be back on Wednesday.

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