Sunday, March 23, 2008

Lump on neck

I'm not well. Physically. But I'm hoping it will pass.

I feel mortal. And I don't like it.

Has this place finally got me? I was dead-scared of something like this happening. As postulated in the third chapter of my book, nothing good can come out of a hot place. I just wish all the extra measures I took to keep myself immune countered all the filth I had to deal with that was damaging to both my body and psyche. Anything can still happen that can wipe out everything I've painstakingly acquired during my stay here.

Imagine my horror when I discovered a pea-sized lump on my neck below my left ear.

I searched the net on what it could be: mononucleosis, inflamed lymph node or cancer. Only the last one was fatal and could be cured if caught in time. The others would go away on their own. But my belief still stands. I won't walk into a hospital here where I'm sure they will do me more harm than good, besides charging me for it. So, after intense searching on the net and reading up a lot of opinions, I've diagnosed it as an enlarged lymph node brought on by the mild tonsillitis that I have right now.

But if it weren't, what would I do? Go to Bangalore just for a check-up? Honestly, I don't have a definite answer to that. Thankfully the symptoms don't add up to the possibility of cancer.

But I'm still scared. And I will be till that thing vanishes.

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