Thursday, April 24, 2008

Chennai steals my underwear!

A real estate agent came in and stole my underwear!

He came in to show the house and in the process of showing the house to the people, he stole my underwear from the bathroom! He was rude from beginning to end: I rang twice at the door! Are you going out now? Are you staying alone? (Like that's any of his business.)

I remember the post I did about everyone in Chennai being either a cheat or a thief. At that time I wasn't sure. I felt I was being over-judgemental. But this latest happening removes all doubts from my mind.

I couldn't find my underwear. I was sure it was in the bathroom. On the towel bar. That's where I put it. After a long search, I knew it couldn't be anywhere else since I never put it anywhere else. Then I playfully said, "They must have stolen it," not believing it in the farthest reaches of my imagination. But then slowly it dawned on me. Yes, they did. He did.


I'm not even going into that.

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