Monday, April 21, 2008

My way


Very, very lonely. I mean, things are going my way and I still am not
satisfied. Very sad too. Saw Grudge now. Yes, that bored.


Facing facts is hard but helps u move forward. Coz you finally realize
what position you really are in. And grow.


Why is everyone so jealous of my success in whatever I do? So insecure? God!

Can't they learn a lesson or two from me instead of feeling jealous and trying to stop my progress? Especially if they're mallus. Sometimes I feel there is no reason to live.

But now think life is about pleasure. You get it one way or other. That's why even a convict sentenced to death lives. Life is pleasurable. Eating, sleeping, even shitting. The moment there is no pleasure, you might as well die. If you lose your senses altogether.

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