Friday, August 17, 2007


How much bullshit tries to pass off as truth is just baffling when you look at it. The people who actually bullshit are often seen as the bearers of truth while the people who actually care about the truth and are willing to stand up for it are, first of all, boring - no bells and whistles that the bullshitter has. Secondly, not likable or lovable, since their priority is speaking the truth, not speaking what pleases the people. And thirdly, smugness that comes from the conviction of being right.

So, there it is. The people who set out to please the people are the ones who succeed, though they are the ones who have taken liberties with the truth. The people who set out to speak the exact truth are the ones who are misunderstood and unsuccessful since absolute devotion to truth means not altering it at any time, in any way, to please people.

An intelligent discussion here prompted me to write this:

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