Tuesday, August 28, 2007


I was in a trance
Frightened by the glance
Never happened
Never will

Light steps
Lighter and lighter
Walking on clouds
Walking on water

Ignore, ignore
But how could she
She could, she could
But why me

Her world
Ever mysterious
Never known
Never will be

Closer to her
Closer to me

Walking or was it talking
She spoke to me, I know
Language of love
Without speaking

A fragment
Light and fluttering
In the wind
Of hopes and wishes

Coolness it was
Of being, a lightness
Whiff of life
Glad and grateful

Royal and pure
White and light
Her presence, persona
Beauty, or better?

Turn of head
Or royal nod?
Moves mountains
Moves my heart

A word
Please, please
I beg, I plead
A word for me

I wish I hear
The word that is thine
And thine only

I did, I did
Yes I did
To hear that word of thine

They came
They came a-plenty
Now and then
A flood not meant for me

At least I know true love
Giving, not receiving
Language of love
Language of hoping

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