Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Value of the human being

The value of a human being ought to be upheld by law above everything else. Because this is a world where your ability to contribute determines your quality of life. At childhood one is given what one needs to be able to contribute. The lesser one gets at childhood, the lesser he/she is able to contribute. Therefore birth into poverty must be prevented by law.

When a child is born into poverty, it affects the rest of us too. That we allowed such a thing to happen is indicative of the dip in the well-being of our society. We start forming groups to avoid contact with those born into less prosperous circumstances. So that our collective human value remains high. It is only because we are not considering the rest of the masses of human beings.If we did consider them, our human value would go down considerably. The only way to truly raise human value, then, is to prevent birth into poverty.

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